Matrix A-88AR

Matrix A-88AR


Matrix series (Matrix 88, 86, 85) is a line of strapping machines engineered to fulfill needs across the spectrum. It has different speeds for different budgets (88>86>85) and various strap widths for various applications. With 70% shared parts, these machines help save time & money spent on stocking and personnel training. Matrix series is the sum of all solutions, the perfect product for you to span across market segments easily.


70% shared parts with other Matrix series machines
Servo motor direct driven, cycle time 60 straps per minute
Capable of running on thin 0.4 mm PP strap
5 / 6 mm, 9 / 12 / 15 mm strap widths available
One piece tracking system for 5/6 mm
Flaps tracking for 9/12/15 mm, making strapping position straight & accurate
Wider tensioning range from 3 to 70 kgs (Matrix Series)
Less mechanical parts: easy in maintenance
Included as standard:
     - Auto loading system
     - Short feeding sensor
     - Coil end eject system
     - Looping ejector

Cycle time 60 straps/min at 50Hz
Tension Range 8~70 kgs for 9/12/15 mm, 3~30 kgs for 5/6 mm
Strap width 5/6 ,9/12/15 mm( specified)
Arch size W 850 X H 500 MM
Reel Inside Diameter 200,230,280 mm (specified)
Power supply 110/220/230/240V,50/60Hz,1PH
Table height 805 mm
Power consumption 0.9~1.0 KVA
Layout dimension L 1565 x W 580 x H 1430 mm
Machine net weight 195kgs 

Various arch sizes available
One piece tracking for 9/12/15mm
Belt driven tabletop
Stainless steel housing
Soft/hard compactor

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